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Business Phone Systems

Get a crystal clear phone system, as flexible as your business

Cloud based VoIP services from Metis come with crystal clear audio, Cloud management, 24/7 Support* and Bolt ons to maximise your business potential.

From £8 per month

Cloud dashboard

Manage your complete VoIP system via Metis’ intuitive web portal. Provision users, set call routing, configure settings and view analytics across locations with clicks. Customise communications precisely.

UK based support

Get localised expertise from our UK support teams in your time zone and language. Reach us via phone, email or web for setup, troubleshooting and optimisation.

Intelligent Analytics

Unlock powerful call insights with visualisations and reporting across teams/locations. Analyse metrics like volumes, durations and abandonment. Integrate data for a unified customer view.


Connect VoIP with CRMs, productivity suites and web apps. Click-to-dial, call logging, video conferencing and screen pops from your browsers/tools. Build custom integrations easily.

Free Softphone app

Take your office phone anywhere with Metis’ free softphone for desktop and mobile. Make/receive calls, video meetings, messaging – all synced seamlessly.

Call recording

Capture all calls at the click of a button. Securely archive, access, evaluate and share recordings for training, compliance and quality assurance.

  • Integrate with most CRM’s
  • Price per user
  • Free setup*
  • Hardware available
  • Free Softphone app
  • Microsoft Teams integration

Future-Proof Your Communications with Cloud PBX

Our cloud-based approach ensures you benefit from continual innovation, new features, and seamless upgrades without costly hardware refreshes. With Cloud PBX, you gain a robust, enterprise-grade phone system that grows alongside your organisation.

Easily add new users and locations across the UK with a few clicks. Integrate the latest unified communications capabilities like video conferencing, messaging, and CRM integrations. And rest assured your business communications are always running on a secure, resilient, and fully redundant UK-based infrastructure you can rely on.

The Smarter Way to Run Your Business Phone System

Streamline all your business communications through Metis’ intelligent, unified cloud VoIP solution – the smarter way to run your phone system.

Handle voice, video, messaging, and collaboration from a single intuitive platform accessible anywhere.

Seamlessly embed calling capabilities into your core business tools.

Optimise operations using real-time analytics on call handling, queues and customer interactions.

Benefit from an enterprise-grade, secure and scalable system hosted in the UK cloud.

Stay agile with a fully mobile and remote-friendly phone solution built for the modern workforce.

Future-proof growth by deploying the smarter way to power all your business telephony.

A traditional PBX requires businesses to purchase and maintain the telephony equipment on their premises. A hosted PBX, also called a cloud PBX, is a VoIP solution where the phone system lives in the provider’s cloud. All calling features and management happen virtually, with no hardware needed at your office besides IP phones. This cloud model makes it easier and more cost-effective to scale up or down.

Yes, reputable cloud VoIP providers for businesses use robust security like end-to-end encryption, firewalls, secure data centres and more to protect calling data. Look for UK providers that comply with data protection laws and regulations. Cloud systems can be even more secure than on-premise PBX since providers invest heavily in cybersecurity.

Absolutely. Cloud VoIP providers in the UK offer number porting to allow you to transfer your existing business phone numbers over to the new hosted system. This ensures continuity and prevents any missed calls during the transition to a cloud PBX solution.

Key advantages include lower upfront and ongoing costs, automatic software updates, ability to easily scale up or down, integrated unified comms tools, robust business continuity, remote working capabilities, and full mobility since the system is in the cloud. You also gain more flexibility, collaboration features, and richer analytics.

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