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What is the IT Service Desk?

An IT service desk is a critical function within any organization that provides support and assistance to users of information technology. It is typically staffed by a team of technical experts who have in-depth knowledge of the company’s hardware and software systems.

The main goal of the IT Service Desk is to ensure that users can quickly and easily resolve any issues they have with the company’s technology.

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This could include anything from resetting a forgotten password to troubleshooting a malfunctioning computer


The service desk team is responsible for triaging these requests, prioritizing them based on urgency and impact, and assigning them to the appropriate staff.

Ongoing Support

Providing training and guidance on how to use applications, as well as offering advice on how to optimize hardware and software to improve productivity.

Service Desk - Metis Solutions - Small Business IT Support

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Service Desk - Metis Solutions - Small Business IT Support

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