Phishing Awareness Training

  • interactive
  • varying

A brilliantly designed course with interactive modules and animated videos. We even follow up with randomly generated intervals to see if the training has worked.

Course Features
  • On demand modules
  • Interactive learning
  • Specified topics
  • industry specified
  • Follow up Phishing campaigns
  • Complete and open reporting

What you’ll learn

  • Common Phishing techniques by bad actors
  • Tell tale signs of a Phishing attack
  • Insider threats and how to spot them
  • Industry specified Phishing techniques


Enable your workforce to spot the malicious activities of a bad actor and recognise a phishing campaign before it’s too late

Campaign reporting

Get reporting on the progress of your employees training and also what remedial training needs to take place with our follow up phishing campaigns

Budget friendly

Price per seat training which can be spread across a long period of time. We work with you to make sure your employees benefit

The short answer is, everyone. Bad actors are constantly developing new ways to get the best of you. Phishing is still really common as a majority of Cyber Attacks are caused by human error. From the bottom to the top of the chain, everyone is susceptible to Phishing attacks.

We continue testing after training to make sure that it’s had a long lasting effect. We even report on how effective it’s been and who needs remedial training. If there’s certain areas that need improvement, we’re more than happy to consult on best practises to help you stay secure.

We price this individually for our customers. We also have special rates for charities and community orientated organisations as we really want to promote a community spirit.

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