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Our Cyber Security stack doesn’t mess around.

At Metis, we include our Cyber Security package in your Pricing per seat. Hand picked and personally tested software gets added to our catalogue so you know it works.

Endpoint Protection

Each laptop and desktop is protected with our hand picked, cloud based software with the upgradability to fully protect your devices both physically, and digitally

Email Security

Our email security software actively scans mailboxes for fraud, spam and malware prone emails. With our monthly reporting, you can see how effective we are

Phishing Testing

We include random phishing testing and reporting to help you keep your employees up to date with hackers and hostile attackers methods of extorting you.

Need a little…Extra?

For the extra vigilant and those that want to protect their data, there’s more we can offer*.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is great for office spaces. Where Bad Actors can attempt to utilise Wi-Fi or use open ports on your network to inflict damage. We can help prevent that


Protect your network traffic at all costs in and out of your office space. We can help reduce the potential for bad actors to gain access to your network and claim any critical data


Want to secure your workspace? We can help create a VPN gateway over multiple office sites or even create Point to Point VPN’s to secure servers hosting protected data.

*Not included with Standardised package.

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Yes, most definitely. If every small company thought that a Cyber Criminal or bad actor wasn’t going to target them, then they’re only making themselves an easy target.

30-40 small targets with minimal effort is more attractive than going for a large corporation with maximum effort for an uncertain payoff.

Our basic user package in out Managed IT service comes with basic endpoint protection, email security and Phishing training as standard.

We offer a lot because we want to build a pro active relationship with our customers and keep you protected.

If you’re sharing an open network with an external user, you don’t know the state of their device. As soon as they connect to your shared office Wi-Fi and not a guest network, you’ve potentially exposed every computer in your office which you treat as secure.

VPN’s don’t have to be utilised for everything you do on the internet, and some popular VPN’s still leak data.

What’s great about VPN’s is you can control traffic to secure databases and control the users that can connect to them. Want to create a network share across multiple sites? Then we can create a private network just for that.

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We’ve got a few articles based on cyber security best practises below.

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