Need to improve your Home or Business Network?

We can get rid of those WiFi dead spots and speed up your businesses computer network.

Increase your connectivity

For the home..

looking to increase the WiFi capability of your home? We can provide a free survey to discuss a solution that suits your budget. We’ve got something for everyone.

For business

We can do the same for your business. Creating a secure network for your work computers and even a separate guest network for occasional visitors.


Wether you’ve got a new build, planning a refurbishment or anything in-between. There’s a solution to minimise disruption to your day to day life.

Eye’s and ears

We can even increase your home security with PoE (Power over Ethernet) CCTV, all over the same network.

ubiquity home install

So, how can we help?

There’s loads of different ways to increase connectivity and speed in the home. But these are the three that we focus on.

ASUS AI mesh

1. Ai mesh

Using sophisticated routers and nodes spread across your property, we can eliminate WiFi dead spots. Computers in different buildings? Also not a problem, we’ve got solutions for that.

2. wireless access points

Wireless Access Points hotspot

Wireless Access Points (WAP) allows wireless capable devices and wired networks to connect through a wireless standard. WAP feature radio transmitters and antennae which emit wireless signals to which devices can connect. WAPs are also known as hotspots.

Now sometimes that does mean some hard wiring is involved, but if you have a large property or multiple buildings that AI Mesh technology may struggle with, Hard wiring to Wireless Access Points is the only way to get the best connectivity.

install Cat-6 cable in your home

3. hard wired

Easily the best solution for both home and business. Routing Cat 6a cable throughout the property and into each room and then installing ports to where you need them most is easily the best way to give the best connectivity to the devices that need it. Combine it with Wireless Access Points, and you have a fully connected household with some of the best connectivity.

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