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Is your small or medium sized business struggling to keep pace with today’s ever-evolving IT landscape?

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As advances in cloud computing, security, data and automation continue rapidly expanding, implementing the right solutions tailored to UK SMEs grows more complex than ever.

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Yet technology remains the greatest competitive advantage your company can leverage

if strategic investments provide the tools your team actually needs to work smarter.


of UK SME employees now work remotely at least one day per week


of UK small and medium sized businesses suffered a cyber attack in 2021 alone. (Hiscox)

23 days

The average recovery time for a UK SMB suffering a ransomware attack, with


lost access to data permanently after refusing extortion payments. (Sophos)

That’s why Metis Solutions prepared an exclusive 5-part email guide exploring must-have technologies in 2023 specifically for UK small and medium businesses seeking to:

  • Transition systems and infrastructure to flexible cloud platforms
  • Protect critical company and customer data with cybersecurity best practices
  • Save time and prevent errors by automating manual processes
  • Tap into analytics for data-driven decisions at every level
  • Support hybrid teams with seamless remote access

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  • Objectively assess technology needs based on goals
  • Compare options to avoid overspending or complexity
  • Confidently implement changes through turnkey guidance

As a managed IT services provider, Metis Solutions possesses the depth of understanding around key challenges faced by small businesses today plus expertise vetting emerging solutions.

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